More Than 40 Drugs Cannot Be Combined With Citrus – Find Out Which Are They!


Before you start consuming new drug against depression, high cholesterol levels, for reducing pressure, epilepsy or cancer read the manual and find out does that remedy can be taken in combination with citrus.


More Than 40 Drugs Cannot Be Combined With Citrus – Find Out Which Are They!

This fruit can cause interactions with more than 40 drugs whether is taken as fruit juice or jam. Experts warn that the side effects from it can be consequences of the consumption of drugs but also can be a consequence o the interaction between the drugs. The more drugs are taken; greater is the risk of the side effects and interactions. The largest number of drugs and substances which are consumed are going directly to the liver with help of so- called microtonal liver enzymes. Enzymes have protein structure and can inhibit or stimulate.

The most important enzyme is CYP3A which participates in the metabolism – biotransformation up to 70% of all medicines and substances.

The grapefruit juice inhibits the enzymes CYP1A2 and CYP3A4. The key ingredients of this fruit are the bioflavonoid naringenin and furanocoumarin dihidronergamontin. These ingredients inhibit inside the microtonal liver enzymes.

The most common mechanism of drug interactions is the enzyme inhibition and it depends of the taken dose. The competition is carried out in the active place of the enzyme.

For example, if you take antiarrhythmic “amiodarone” and drink a liter or more grapefruit juice a day, there is a possibility of serious cardiac arrhythmia. Also, if you consume large amounts of grapefruit juice a few days before using verapamil, it may lead to stoppage of the heart.

Only two cups or around 400 ml of grapefruit juice can cause inhibition of the enzymes. Almost in every guideline of drugs this is described the possible interaction of these fruits so always read before using any medicine. Experts point out that grapefruit should not be ejected out of your diet but you should be careful when it comes to its consumption combined with certain medications.