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beet smothie


The color alone is enough to make me crave this beet smoothie. The color also tells me that it's high in anthocyanins, flavonoids that are believed to have strong antioxidant properties. You can use raw or roas...
Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

Try this thick and creamy chocolate peanut butter smoothie as a nutritious breakfast, suited to satisfy a chocolate craving in the afternoon or an indulgent after-dinner treat. Ingredients 1/2 cu...
mango blackberry

Mango Blackberry Smoothie

A refreshingly sweet and tasty smoothie with mangos and blackberries – so perfect for a quick breakfast or a hot summer afternoon treat!  Mango Blackberry Smoothie Recipe Prep time: 10 mins ...

Pomegranate, Berry and Banana Smoothie

This fruit-packed smoothie is a little sweet, a little tart and a whole lot of healthy. Frozen fruit and low fat Greek yogurt make it extra thick and creamy — a treat! Make it for breakfast and you’ll feel sati...
lettuce smoothie

Berry Lettuce Smoothie Recipe

You might be thinking to yourself, lettuce in a smoothie? That was my initial reaction. In reality, any green leafy vegetable can be blended into a smoothie. As is the case with most greens, lettuce is a goo...