Children are innocent; they don’t know what is wrong and what was right. Unknowingly they do many things which are definitely not good for their health.

Children love to sit in the form of letter W. In this position, a child sits on their bottom, with knees bent, leg spread out and feet perpendicular to ground to form the configuration of letter “W”. We often see children sitting in this position but do not realize the impact of this position on health of our or our relative’s children. But if you again see your children sitting in this position, then stop them from doing this and here is why we are saying this to you.

Negative Effects Of “W” Sitting:

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Sitting in this position can cause orthopedic problems, postural development delay and improper postural shape.

Excessive use of it during growing year put undue stress on hip, hamstrings, internal rotators and heel cords. All these can leads to orthopedic problem in future and may result in hip dislocation. Muscles of this area can be tighten permanently and can also make your one leg shorter than other. It can also effect the coordination and balance of walking. So, basically the point is that you have to stop your children from sitting in this position.

If You See Your Children Wit In This Position, Immediately Stop Them!


How to prevent W-sitting:
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It is better to develop habit in children to prevent them from sitting in this position. But if your child already chooses this as his favorite sitting position then you have to become a tough parent to prevent your child from the future problem. You have to continuously remind them by saying, “Fix your legs”, when you see them sitting in this position.