Simple Coffee & Cinnamon Body Scrub For Soft And Supple Skin


Wait! This is not your regular perk me up coffee drink, rather it is a coffee body scrub. This is one of the easiest and best body scrubs for soft skin to make it!

Advantages of making this coffee- cinnamon body scrub at home

  • Your skin can soak up the antioxidant properties of both cinnamon and coffee by using this scrub
  • Homemade scrub is free of any chemicals and preservatives
  • Hygienic preparation
  • DIY thrill – I love to make this and even gift it to my friends. Cheap and thoughtful
  • The caffeine content in the coffee reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Skin ends up smooth and supple due to exfoliating properties of coffee
  • More economical than that expensive store bought scrub.You can even add all organic ingredients.

While I mix and match, I make this recipe the most frequently. The portions mentioned are enough for one use. This scrub can last about a month if you store it correctly. Get ready to look healthy and smell heavenly at the same time.

body scrub

How to make cinnamon and coffee body scrub

Ingredients for your daily fix:

  1. A tablespoon each of coffee, brown sugar and white sugar.Opt for organic coffee and if possible grind your own at home.
  2. Half an inch of cinnamon.
  3. Two cloves.
  4. A heaped tablespoon of aloe vera gel – I’ve used the Rustic Art gel in this scrub.
  5. Olive oil – 1/4th teaspoon.
  6. Essential oil – your favourite fragrance – I typically like to use the peppermint essential oil.
  7. 1/4th teaspoon each of coffee, brown and white sugar – Kept aside.


1. Combine all the dry ingredients (1, 2 & 3) and grind to make it into a smooth powder.

Add an additional 1/4th teaspoon each of coffee, brown and white sugar. Mix well.This will give a coarse texture to the scrub and help in exfoliation.

3. Mix in the aloe vera gel and blend it. It should form a crumbly texture.It smells heavenly.

Note to self- Do not eat it.

You can use this scrub even at this point if you want. You will need to wet your body and apply this scrub. If used at this point, the scrub will exfoliate your skin very well, but not moisturize it.If you have oily skin, you can use the scrub at this point. You don’t need to add the olive oil.

Add not more than 1/4th teaspoon of olive oil. Since a major portion of the scrub has been powdered, it can dissolve quickly in the oil. Mix well and use as a body scrub only.

You can also opt for extra virgin coconut oil.Heat coconut oil and let it cool and add it into the mix.

You may add a few drops of any essential oil. As always start off drop by drop .You can experiment with different oils and fragrances till you find the right smell.

You can even add up to a tablespoon of honey to give your skin some extra moisture.

Use this scrub as a regular scrub and rinse off with water.

A word of caution:

Do not add too much olive oil. I add just a bit of olive oil to moisturise the skin. If you add too much oil, you will need to wash off this coffee and sugar body scrub with a body wash.This will strip your skin off all the oil and that defeats the purpose.

You can package this dry mix and gift it to your girlfriends.Or you can call for a spa themed party at home! Keep this mix in a cool dry mix and the luxury of an aromatherapy at home is all yours.