Inserts – pads for detoxification were firstly applied in Japan. They are placed on the soles of the feet at bedtime and in the morning, when you take them off, you will see that all the dangerous toxins that these pads have pulled out, and thus became dark and dirty when uncovering them, and this is when you realize your body is actually full of toxins without even knowing about it.

These pads are worn on the feet because they help by providing the blood and lymph better circulate to the rest of the body. Since most people today do not move enough, almost all of us have poor circulation in the legs, ankles and the feet.

The positive effects of these toxin-absorbing pads are as follows: you will feel less tired, you have less or no pain in your joints, and you will have much less headache.

You can make these pads easily by yourself, and in the following way:

Of the ingredients you need red and white onions, water and self-adhesive gauze, as well as socks.

Finely chop the red and white onions, then add them to the boiling water and let the mix boil for another ten minutes.

After that, leave the mixture to cool for about twenty minutes. Then put the onions in the middle of the gauze, but do not soak the fabric too.

Position these pads in the middle of the soles of the feet, and lie down to sleep. The result of this treatment will absolutely surprise and amaze you. You will feel much better after only a couple of days. Try it out!

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