The Cure For Cancer Is There-But No One Wants Us To Know It.Bitter Melon Helps Destroy Cancer With 98 % Success

There were researches made by Dr Frank Shallenberger about the cancer cells and their destruction. He always try to find natural substances that are able to stop the metabolism of cancer cells. He discovered Resveratrol, green tea, Seanol and many more as a cure for cancer cells. Recently he found a fruit that can effectively kill the pancreatic cancer cells. This fruit is very popular in Okinawa, Japan and it is called bitter melon.

If diluted in 5 percent water, the juice from bitter melon can destroy pancreatic cancer cells. This has been proven. A research has shown that the juice from bitter lemon can destroy 90 percent cancer cells from two groups, and the other groups up to 98 percent. The research for animals and humans is still in progress but in the vitro it has a proven success.


Research in the University of Colorado was conducted on mice giving them a dosage of bitter melon juice out of 6 grams for an average human. The research has given results that this juice leads to lowering the pancreatic tumor for 64 percent without any counter effects.

This bitter melon juice can be helpful with diabetes. It is proven, by a research, that the juice from the bitter melon can improve metabolic problems affecting the glucose metabolism.

Before conducting a therapy with bitter melon juice you need to consult a doctor. If you suffer from diabetes or have cancer, the therapy can be enhanced with the help of bitter melon juice in increasing the chances in fighting cancer.