Teen Was Drinking 3 Glasses Of Green Tea Per Day. What Happened To Her? Left Doctors Stunned


A 16 year-old girl from England experienced issues with nausea, dizziness, and body aches.

After visiting her doctor, he attributed her symptoms to a urinary tract infection, so he prescribed her some antibiotics.

After taking two doses, the teenager became more ill, so she rushed to the emergency room at a local hospital. The doctors who treated her noticed that her skin and the whites of her eyes had turned yellow, a clear indication that she was suffering from jaundice.

Her condition was so serious that she was deemed to need critical attention as doctors believed she was suffering from hepatitis, a swelling or inflammation of the liver.

Her diagnosis naturally made them question what caused a sixteen year old girl to suddenly develop hepatitis, so they investigated the circumstances that led to her seeking medical attention.

What she told them turned out to be quite a shocking. She said that she had not recently traveled abroad, nor had she taken any illegal or prescription drugs, and hadn’t consumed any alcohol. She’d never had a blood transfusion, nothing she’d done or experienced was out of the ordinary or could have been the cause of her hepatitis.

A teenager who developed severe inflammation of the liver was shocked to discover it was due to the green tea she had been drinking to lose weight. The green tea is from China and she had been drinking 3 cups of green tea per day. She was not able to read or understand the directions as they were written in Chinese, thus did not have the slightest idea what she was drinking.

According to the tests, the tea contained Camellia sinesis, a type of evergreen shrub whose leaves and leaf buds are used in making different tea types, including green tea. The ingredients were the main cause which lead to the teen’s condition and has been connected to liver damage and hepatitis in women who use green tea supplements and extracts.

Patients in some cases suffered from severe liver damage and were left needing transplants, causing even death. There is a possibility that other chemicals have been added to add stronger weight loss effects.

In the end, the girl quickly recovered and two months after stopping the green tea drink her liver function was back to normal.

The case of this teen as written in the journal BMJ Case Reports by the doctors.

They have been using her case to highlight the fact that excessive consumption of green tea can lead to liver disease and that many varieties of it, which often promise weight loss, may also contain harmful substances, including pesticides.

They urged to be wary and very careful about the origins and the ingredients of a green tea.