The Most Effective Way To Cure A Toothache In Only 5 Seconds!


Toothache is terrible, it can ruin your day and take away your sleep. The pain can be so irritating that it makes you nervous and in a bad mood.

There are several causes that can cause a toothache, but the most common include tooth decay, damaged filling, fractured teeth, infected gums and last, but not least, repetitive movements such as teeth grinding or chewing gum.


The intensity of pain can range from mild, which usually manifests as tooth sensitivity to hot / cold or in direct contact with teeth, a sharp, throbbing pain or a dull, persistent pain.

There are several natural ways to deal with toothache until you get an appointment with your dentist.

Clove. This is probably the most commonly used home remedy for toothache. If you have clove oil at home, simply apply a few drops on the aching tooth, but be careful not to swallow.

If you do not have an essential oil, put 1-2 cloves in your mouth, to soften them. Gently press with teeth to get the oil. You should keep in mind that the clove only neutralize the pain, it doesn’t treat the tooth.

Salt. Put a tablespoon of salt in a glass of warm water and stir until the salt is dissolved. Pour the liquid on the sick tooth ad rinse it thoroughly.

Garlic. Mash a clove of garlic and apply it directly to the painful tooth. Garlic has a powerful analgesic and antiseptic properties that can instantly relieve toothache.

Sachet of tea. It is a popular folk remedy for a toothache. Simply apply a used tea bag on the sick tooth while it is still warm.

Last but not least, when the toothache is unbearable, you can reach for the aspirin or other analgesic.