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Fight The Flu With The Powerful Elderberry Extract: Nature’s “Tamiflu”


One of the most significant weapons which fights influenza is an elderberry extract. If you are constantly suffering seasonal cold or flu, your immunity system is lowering and slower its function.



The usage of elderberry, is well known in traditional folk medicines for decades, sinusitis and colds are having antiviral activities against herpes simplex and influenza.

An elderberry extract is very safety and efficiently influenza therapy.

An old Panacea

As mentioned before, humble black elderberries are used in the ancient medicine for centuries. Even in the 400 BC, the famous philosopher, Hippocrates was referring it an elderberry bushes as “medicine chests”, and it is mentioned in the famous writing od Pliny, the Elder, in the ancient Romans period.

Working method

The compound found in the elderberry is knows as, Antivenin especially represented in the black elderberries. It is preventing the flu viruses’ for the healthy cells membrane.

The activity mechanism of elderberries extracts in influenza therapy, is stimulating the immunity system with production of cytokine by monocyte. An anthocyanin found in elderberries is having an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that we are consuming in necessary dose from an elderberry syrup, during a flu of cold.

The effects

During flu suffering, it has been shown that Sambuca is reducing the symptoms and have positive effect on influence treatments. It is helping in the both cases, of influenza A or B strain. Sambuca cannot help in preventing flu, but is helping in shortening the period of flu suffering.

Taking elderberry extract

The dosage is the following:

1 and a half tablespoon Sambuca extract should be taken 4 times a day – for children; 1 tablespoon 4 times a day – for adults.

Here are some ways how to take the elderberry extract:

– Directly from a spoon

– As a mixture in tea / hot water with honey

– As a mixture in sparking water or oven an ice for refreshment like “soda-pop” beverage

Keep the elderberry extract in a dry and cool place, or in a fridge.

Source: naturalhealthyteam.com