A man named Vernon Johnson was diagnosed with prostate cancer that had spread even to his bones, he was in stage IV and the situation was getting critical.

His son however quickly informed him to raise his body’s pH level because he knew that cancerous cells cannot thrive in an alkaline environment.

This suggestion was helped by Vernon’s determination to avoid all forms of modern treatment but rather to treat himself using natural alternative means.

He was advised by a friend to make use of cesium chloride in order to raise his pH level, but his order for this compound got lost in the mail and he had to resort to an alternative way to get his pH level elevated.

In his search for a solution he stumbled upon a recipe that included two ingredients, namely;

  • Maple syrup
  • Baking soda

Vernon rid not gave maple syrup in his kitchen so as an alternative he decided to use molasses.

He made daily notes during the course of treatment, he even gave a title to his dairy, entitling it — ‘The Last Dance With Cancer ‘.

Apart from this recipe Vernon started going on a healthy diet regimen which also consisted of vitamins and mineral supplements and even sunshine.

Vernon also engaged in breathing exercises as anaerobic cancer cells do not exist well with oxygen.

This recipe uses maple syrup because cancer cells feed on sugar.

When cancerous cells are oxygenated they are effectively destroyed, the oxygenation occurs when the high sodium bicarbonate permeates into these cells and increase its alkalinity.

It is important that in treating cancer processed and refined food is avoided at all cost because they promote the growth of cancer.

In a couple of months Vernon had a medical check-up and his doctors were completely astonished as he had succeeded in reversing his stage IV prostate and bone cancer.

In 2008, Vernon shared his story in a local California newspaper — The Valley News.

He continues to be an advocate for the treatment of cancer using alternative means.

Today research into natural remedies for the treatment of cancer is an ongoing and inexhaustible exercise.

The maple syrup and baking soda recipe is just one of many such natural solutions that are frowned at by conventional medicine because of their availability and inexpensive nature.


Source: healthyfoodstar.com