Next time when you will enjoy eating mango, remember not to throw away the mango seed.

Here is why you need to save the seed:

  1. Firstly buy a ripe mango, and after eating save the seed. Clean off the pulp and leave it to dry naturally off naturally for a while.
  2. Take scissors to open the kernel and remove the seed.
  3. Use a pealing knife and carefully remove the brown surface of the seed. This step is very difficult and requires using both of your hands, trying not to scratch the seed. When you will strip off the seed, soak it in water. Change the water every day it will take around 4 days until the germination of the seed.
  4. In a pot place moist potting soil and place the seed, roots should be buried in the soil and one part of the seed should be visible.
  5. Cover it with a thin layer of gravel, use sprinkle and water the plant. It is necessary to completely soak the soil. Place the pot where the plant will has indirect sunlight. Wait for germination process, and water the plant after 1 or 2 days.
  6. In eight days you will have plant tall around 10-18cm. the seed will turn green
  7. After 20 days the plant will start to develop green leaves.