Quick Quinoa And Fresh Fruit Breakfast


Anyone who thinks that quinoa is just for lunch and dinner needs to use this ancient grain in their breakfast routine. Versatile, protein-packed quinoa is a delicious resource when creating a satisfying and healthy start to your day.


Quick Quinoa And Fresh Fruit Breakfast Recipe


1 cup Quinoa, cooked; chilled
1 medium Apple
1 medium Orange
1/2 cup Blueberries
1 ounce walnuts
Original recipe makes 2 Servings



Put the quinoa in a bowl. Dice the apple and add it to the quinoa. Quarter the orange and peel three of the quarters. Dice them and put them in with the quinoa. Add the blueberries. Crumble the walnuts up and add them as well. Take the last quarter of the orange and squeeze all of the juice out, over the mixture in the bowl. Toss well to mix, then divide between two bowls.


Enjoy Your  protein-packed quinoa and fresh fruit breakfast!