The sea cucumber is a marine creature that lives all over the world on the ocean floor and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years, but they are relatively unknown in America.Evidence shows that sea cucumber extracts can destroy cancer cells while stimulating the immune system.

Earlier research on sea cucumber has shown its ability to destroy pancreatic, breast, prostate, lung, colon, skin, and liver cancer cells. These extracts have also proven helpful in destroing leukemia cells and glioblastoma cells.

SEA CUCUMBERSea cucumber has an important profile of valuable nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, minerals like magnesium, calcium, zinc, and iron. Scientists believe that the main compound responsible for the cancer-killing activity of sea cucumber is a triterpenoid compound called Frondoside A.

The latest study published in Plos One has proved just how powerful Frondoside A truly is.Researchers found it to kill 95 percent of melanoma cells, 95 percent of ER+ breast cancer cells, 90 percent of liver cancer cells, and 85 to 88 percent of three different types of lung cancer cells.

The benefits of this anticancer compound also inhibits the formation of blood vessels (angiogenesis) that supply nutrients to tumors and prevents it to metastasize.Even more fascinating is that Frondoside A activates the immune system’s natural killer (Nk) cells to attack cancer cells. All this may define why Frondoside A is so effective, at shrinking tumors.

When given to test animals with lung cancer, Frondoside was found to decrease tumors by 40 %, in only 10 days. On the other site, traditional chemotherapeutic drugs decrease the tumors by 47 %, but the risk of the treatments with chemotherapy is far bigger than any side-effects or risks of sea cucumber (there are no known risks associated with sea cucumber). While sea cucumber extracts aren’t currently offered as a treatment for cancer, you can buy dried and powdered sea cucumber in health stores. It is packaged as a solvent to arthritis and similar conditions because of its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Sea cucumber has high levels of chondroitin sulfate, a key component of cartilage. The loss of chondroitin sulfate is related with arthritis and consuming sea cucumber extract may help to decrease the joint pain associated with this condition. Sea cucumber also contains natural anti-inflammatory compounds.

A toothpaste made with sea cucumber extract was shown to improve healing in patients with gum disease because of the wound-healing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of sea cucumber.