A Tablespoon Can Help You Find Out If You Have a Disease or Not… Here is How…


Did you know that a tablespoon can help you find out if you have a disease or not?

Here is how!!

All you need is a tablespoon and a clear plastic bag. This trick can help you find out if you are healthy when it comes to the respiratory system, bowels, hormones, metabolism, kidneys, even teeth.

The only thing that you need to do is take the tablespoon and scratch some of the saliva from the surface of your tongue. The closer you get to the throat the better.
After that, wrap the tablespoon in a clear plastic bag and leave it for 60 seconds under bright high power light bulb. The light from the bulb helps in the development of the bacteria, so the higher the power of the light bulb is the more obvious the results are.

If you are healthy the saliva should be clean.

However, if there are more layers and they have a strange color and an unpleasant smell, that can be an early sign for lung or respiratory system problems, liver disease, kidney or hormone problems.

If your result shows strange color and odor, it is best for you to visit your doctor and do some tests, so that you can find out what kind of health problem you are dealing with. If the odor has a fruity smell, it may indicate ketoacidosis or metabolism disorder, which can cause the development of diabetes.

If you experience an unpleasant odor similar to ammonia, it is possible that you are dealing with kidney problems. Still, don’t panic right away, because the odor is not necessarily a sign of an illness. In fact most of the time it can point out to problems such as tonsillitis, gum disease or tooth decay.

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Source: http://healthadvisorusa.com