Earlier this month, Laura Collins, 33-year-old weight loss club consultant was on holiday in Spain with her son Jack, 5. Amidst the fun time they were having, an incident happened that both of them will never forget.

Namely, they’d just come back from the beach, and while she was taking off her son’s swim shorts, she saw that his penis was caught in the netting and, in her words on a Facebook post, was “literally strangling it”.

This is something no one would expect to happen. However, it appears that the netting commonly used in this type of boy’s swimwear can be more extremely dangerous, especially if you take that little Jack could have lost his penis altogether.



No mother should have to see her child in such pain

He was screaming a scream I hadn’t heard before,” she wrote. Jack was wailing in pain while Laura was trying to get medical help at the hotel in which they were staying. But the medical stuff at the hotel were unable to do anything.

I carried him to reception and asked for some scissors,” she told The Mirror. But, the little boy’s penis was in such distress that neither she, nor the hotel staff were able to untangle it. “There were two little bubbles, like skin, on either side,” she said. “Like it was going to burst.”

Doctors say it wasn’t the first time they’d seen this

From the hotel, Laura took her son to the nearest hospital where he was given a local anesthetic. Only then doctors were able to free his penis.

Although at first doctors were worried that Jack may have suffered permanent damage to his urinary tract or other internal structures, Jack was soon able to urinate properly and doctors excluded any lasting damage.

It may sound surprising, but doctors said that this wasn’t the first case of this kind – and warned that it actually happens more frequently than parents are aware.


Little boys need to learn to protect their penises

Parents should be alert that little boys’ penises are extremely vulnerable to accidents, mostly because the foreskin can easily get caught or trapped in various ways when they are young. Additional cause of concern is that young boys are also not aware of how sensitive and delicate this area is, and tend to treat it with less care than a grown man would.

Thankfully, little Jack is happy and well

Luckily enough, Jack has recovered without any consequences, but his mother still wants to raise awareness among other parents to be extra cautious of the netting in boys’ swimming costumes.

Jack was very upset about it afterwards but as five year olds do, he’s bounced back,” Laura told The Mirror. “He keeps talking about it now but he’s fine. He talks about how he nearly lost his willy on holiday and goes on about the naughty netting. He’s been warning all his friends as he doesn’t want the same thing to happen to them.”

Please, those with young children,” Laura begged on Facebook, “remove the netting in swim shorts.”

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