You Will Never Believe What Red Foods Can Do

red  foods

When you’re sad or you have no appetite, reach for cherries, raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes, red peppers, actually any kind of red ingredients will do. They will bring smile on your face – guaranteed!


This is the conclusion of the research done by the company « Green and Black chocolate ».

Actually, good gourmands know that it’s not all about the taste when it comes to enjoying food, the presentation plays a big role too. The presentation is the first thing that we notice, before the smell and the taste, so the visual impression is extremely important.

The eyes send a signal to the brain about the taste of the food, and it’s the color that tell us about its quality and freshness. For that reason, we don’t have the same desire to taste all dishes that are offered to us.

Psychologist Dr Christy Ferguson emphasize that the red color is a powerful color that stimulates the appetite.

– This color is connected with the feelings of intimacy, passion, energy and sexuality. Green on the other hand is the symbol of nature. It has a calming effects on the body and it is associated with health. Orange stimulates us mentally. Being a warm color, it stimulates not only the appetite, but also the good mood, underlines Dr Ferguson.