Works Like Magic: Clean Your Blood Vessels And Your Intestines With This Folk Remedy


You should cleanse your organism at least every six months, or twice a year, because the accumulated toxins can lead to various diseases.

Frequent colds, infections, fatigue, sleepiness, lack of concentration, these are all symptoms that indicate the presence of toxins in your body, malignant bacteria and other, not less harmful substances.

We already wrote, (and many of you have tried out and positively evaluated), the kefir and linseed treatment for intestinal lavage.

Here we present you another effective and most importantly natural remedy from the Russian folk medicine based on kefir and buckwheat

Many of you know that the kefir is the “elixir of youth and health” and the buckwheat flour has a remarkable healing properties, such as: it strengthens the body, it rejuvenates the blood vessels, it reduces the fatigue,increases the blood circulation in the hands and feet and it also increases the secretion of urine.

The buckwheat flour is also great for improving your memory and reducing concentration, especially in older persons. It also lowers blood pressure and cures arteriosclerosis.

Combined with kefir, it reduces the blood sugar levels, cleans the intestines and the blood vessels, normalizes the metabolism and the function of the pancreas and it increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood. This is really wonderful folk remedy and you should definitely try it!


  • 1 tablespoon of buckwheat flour
  • 180 ml of kefir
  • some honey (to improve the taste)


Put the buckwheat flour in a bowl, pour the kefir over the flour and mix them nicely. You should do this at night and leave the mixture in the fridge over the night. In the morning, once again stir this mixture and eat it. You should eat this mixture instead of breakfast. In order to improve the taste you can add a little bit of honey. After you have eaten this mixture you mustn’t eat anything else for the next 3 hours. In order for the remedy to work, you need to repeat this procedure for minimum 14 days.

Source: Healthy Life Tricks