15 Alkaline Foods That Prevent Obesity, Cancer, And Heart Disease

15 Alkaline Foods That Prevent Obesity, Cancer, And Heart Disease

Excess body weight and obesity have become one of the most prevalent problems of in the modern society.

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES) (2009-2010) showed that: “ approximately 69% of adults are overweight or obese, with more than 78 million adult Americans considered obese. Children have become heavier as well. In the past 30 years, the prevalence of childhood obesity has more than doubled among children ages 2 to 5, has nearly tripled among youth ages 6 to 11, and has more than tripled among adolescents ages 12 to 19. “

According to Dr. David Ludwig, an endocrinologist, and professor of nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health,

“The long-term success rate of obesity treatment is abysmal, which is why every year we have new diets and weight-loss treatments, along with a billion-dollar weight-loss industry.”

He adds:

“Hunger is very powerful and very primal. You can ignore it for a few days or weeks or months, or trick it by drinking lots of water or going for a walk, but it’s very hard to ignore it permanently.”

Therefore, if you are struggling to lose weight, you can stop counting the calories, as we have a much more effective way to help you achieve this aim.

Just include the following foods in your diet, and you will soon start shedding extra pounds and lower the risk of numerous health issues, including cancer and heart disease. They are rich in essential nutrients and fiber, that will provide a feeling of satiety.


Eggs are perfect if you want to lose weight, as they are full of protein, that supports muscle growth and burns excess fat.

Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage

These vegetables are low in calories, but high in nutrients. 

Orange, tangerine, grapefruit

Being full of fiber and vitamin C, as well as flavonoids, these fruits aid the process of fat burning and stimulate metabolism.


Cucumbers are very low in calories, but high in nutrients and water, so they are incredibly effective when you are trying to lose excess pounds.


Green salads will supply the body with numerous nutrients and help digestion.


All berries, and especially cranberries, are excellent for weight loss, being rich in vitamin C and compounds that accelerate the metabolism.


Pineapples are loaded with magnesium, vitamin C, potassium, and other nutrients, bromelain, that fights inflammation, boosts the immune system, and speeds up metabolism.

Apples and plums

Apples are very low in calories and high in fiber, while plums are loaded with vitamin C and potassium, that accelerate metabolism.


Beets regulate blood sugar levels and naturally stimulate the burning of fat.


Melons support the weight loss process, as they are full of water and loaded with essential nutrients.


Bananas are excellent when trying to lose weight, as they regulate blood sugar levels, help digestion, and support heart health.


The consumption of zucchini will help you improve gut health and regulate the water-salt ratio of your body. They are very low in calories, so you can freely eat them whenever you want.


A cup of grilled eggplant has only 24 calories, which makes them a perfect addition to your diet.


Celery consists of 95% of water, so it has powerful diuretic properties help the weight loss process.


An average serving of popcorn contains only 31 calories, so they are the perfect low-calorie snack! 

So, increase the intake of these foods and you will soon notice huge differences in your body!

Source: simplecapacity.com


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