5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Blackberries

Health Benefits Of Blackberries

Blackberries are widely found in the Asia and African countries. Black in color and small in size. They can be seen in bunch with large number of berries hanging around one another on thorny bushes.

Blackberries not specifically grown in a particular field, but they growing wild. They are small in size in a shape of small ball with a dark black skin layer on top of it which is thick in nature and inside part of the berry constitutes of the seed.

The pectin present between the seed and the outer layer is rich in protein and very beneficial to health. I have tried eating them many times available downtown of my city. It’s too tasty to eat, in fact a different taste to my mouth.

When people get addicted to only one thing and are impressed by its taste, they don’t give up eating until they have finished the whole stock of it. But, try to have control on this habit, because it may cause you a serious stomach pains and will last for the full day. Not to forget, that all have their own limits, let be how much ever beneficial they be.

Blackberries have many health benefits and many nutritional qualities. These nutritional qualities make the blackberry a good and eatable fruit. Vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K and folate are the nutrients present in these berries including other required minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, and zinc.

It also is rich in various amino acids free from cholesterol and making it a perfect protein diet. You must be amazed at seeing the proteins, vitamins and minerals present in such a small fruit and it’s not so costly that you cannot afford specially in the Asian and African countries.

Health benefits of black berries

1.Antioxidant potential

Blackberries are rich in antioxidant which is helpful in protecting the body through many ways. In each and every problem of the body, there is a requirement of antioxidant.

Phenolic acids, flavonoids, flavonols and anthocyanosides are the acids present in the blackberries. These acids and specially the anthocyanosides fights against the molecules which are anti-oxygen that is which are harmful to the body and weaken our body.

2.Cardiovascular benefits

Blackberries are rich in anthocyanins, which are in real the antioxidants; this helps your heart to remain healthy. Here the process followed is simple- it directly attacks the free radicals in the body which lead to heart disease.

Another antioxidant that is vitamin C – is present in good quantity in these berries. Experts even say that one cup of this berry makes up our requirement for vitamin C for the day.

It strengthens the immune system and also strengthens the heart cells to fight against any risk of disease to heart.

It is rich in fiber and fiber is essential to keep heart healthy and to reduce the risk of heart disease.


Blood sugar level maintenance is very essential to maintain a healthy body to a person who is suffering from diabetes.

So, how is blackberry useful in controlling diabetes?

In the digestive system, first the food needs to be broken down into smaller components. This is possible only by the presence of good amount of fiber in the digestive system.

Hence, this fibre can be obtained from the blackberry as almost one-fourth of this fruit is filled with fibers.

This fruit rich in fibers when digested creates an environment in the digestive system with richness of fibers.

This allows breakdown of food into small components and when the digestive system digests the food with intake of more amount of simple sugar. This suddenly increases the blood sugar level.

And, when there is no food in the digestive tract, then the absorption of sugar is not possible. Then, it results into sudden fall in sugar level of body

This sudden fall and rise is avoided by the fiber present in the digestive tract.

4.Make the hair healthy

The antioxidant property of blackberries prevents hair from damaging due to the external environment.

As the blackberry is rich in vitamin, it contributes to collagen production and strong hair.

5.Bone health

Vitamin K present in the blackberries is the mineral to bones and almost half of the blackberry contains manganese

Vitamin C present boosts the tissue of bone by synthesizing collagen, which is a known as bone protein


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