Drink Lemon Water Every Day, But Don’t Make The Same Mistake As Millions!

Drink Lemon Water Every Day

Starting your day with a glass of lemon water in the morning became a habit for many people. Once they wake up they drink it on an empty stomach and start their day energized and awoken. This drink is an extremely beneficial drink, but not everyone can take the bitter-sour taste of lemons, especially to be the first thing to put in your mouth in the morning.

The huge number of vitamins and minerals found in lemons boost the immune system and prevent various conditions and infections, help digestion, alkalize the body, and improve the health of the skin, health, and nails.

Specialists think that we should almost all drink lemon water every single morning because the lemon juice is consisted of carbohydrates, phosphorus, flavonoids, protein, potassium, antioxidants, volatile natural oils,  and nutritional vitamins B as well as C. Actually this really powerful juice has antibacterial, immune-building as well as antiviral attributes. It also contains high amounts of nutritional vitamins, magnesium, calcium, citric acidity, pectin, limonene, and bioflavonoids.

Since lemons are a true elixir of health, rich in all the important nutrients we need, maybe this is the best fruit in the world. Lemons can help with bacterial infections and will boost your immunity, making your body more resistant to all kinds of infections and diseases.

Drinking lemon water is extremely beneficial for our health. But the thing is that most of the people make this one mistake while preparing the comfortable lemon drinking water. In most cases, we don’t use the peel from the lemon even though it`s probably the most nutritious section of the lemon. Most of the time, people simply squeeze the actual lemon through adding cold or even warm water. This is really not the right way to prepare the powerful lemon water.

Here is what you need to do ti prepare your lemon water the right way:

You need to cut a couple of lemons in half, and juice them in a glass. Then, grate the peel, and add it to the glass. Pour lukewarm or cold water, and drink it as soon as you wake up, but make sure it is on an empty stomach.

If you prepare it like this, this powerful healthy drink will provide the following health benefits:

* It improves digestion and stimulate the bile production

* It detoxifies the body

* Improves the function of the gastrointestinal tract

* The high vitamin C content boosts the immune system and helps in the treatment of  colds

* The pectin fibre of lemons will improve colon health

* It alkalizes the body

* It will improve the function of the liver

* This miracle drink will help weight loss

* It will soothe pain and inflammation in joints and lower the risk of gout

* Drinking lemon water will optimize the magnesium, calcium, citric acid, potassium, and phosphorus levels in the body

* It will improve eye health and lower the risk of eye problems

* Lemon water relieves heartburn

* It good for your skin health and prevents from acne and wrinkles



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