8 Reasons To Make Love Every Day

Make Love Every Day

If you thought that the only benefit of making love was only pleasure, we have some news for you. Making love is more then good for adults. But making love everyday is even better.

If you want to look young, make love every day. No, we’re not kidding – science has proven that making love has incredibly positive benefits on our health and keeping you young is one of them.

Besides ironing out the wrinkles on your face, regular intercourse will improve your circulation and reduce the risk of heart disease, burn calories, relieve stress and help you sleep better. If your health is slightly on the decline, before going to the doctor we suggest giving intercourse  a try – if you’re regular, you’ll surely improve your health and be happier at the same time.

Here are 8 GOOD reasons for you to make love every day:

Makes You Look Younger

According to a recent study, older people who are sexually active look 5-7 years younger on average. The study also found that in the case of sex, quality is just as important as quantity. You don’t have to enjoy it every night to look younger – the anti-aging effects are stronger when the intercourse  is what scientists call ‘loving’. Give it a try and we’re sure the effects will be noticeable.

Fights Colds and the Flu

Did you know that intercourse  can actually fight colds and the flu? Regular sex will raise the levels of immunoglobin in your blood, a compound which can prevent infections such as colds and the flu. A study found that people who make love regularly have a 30% higher level of IgA in their blood and are far less prone to colds or the flu.

Improves Your Longevity

A recent Australian study showed that people who have sex regularly have a whopping 50% lower chance of premature death from medical reasons than those who had an orgasm less frequently. So, the more often you making love, the higher the chances of living longer. Sign us up!

Prevents Heart Attack

Studies have found that having intercourse  at least 3 times a week can drastically reduce the risk of heart attack. So, if you don’t want to put your life at risk, hit the sack with your partner more often.

Keeps You Fit

When it comes to burning calories, making love is among the best exercises. Thirty minutes of intense intercourse can burn up to 100 calories and trying different positions will help you burn even more. So, have fun with it and you’ll definitely slim down and stay fit.

Prevents A Variety of Ailments

Regular sex will make your body secrete a hormone known as DHEA or the anti-aging hormone. Higher levels of DHEA in the blood have been associated with a lesser risk of ailments in many studies and will also keep you fitter.

Makes You Happier

Making love is a fun job, experiment. You should enjoy the whole process and give the time your partner or spouse need by indulging each other into this exciting activity. Relive the fun in your relationship and spice up the lost spark.

Makes You More Attractive

More sex means more pheromones which make you far more attractive to the opposite sex. So, have intercourse more often, and you’ll become much more attractive to others.


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